4 Unforgettable Team B Songs

  1. Shonichi (初日) (2008)
Shonichi centered by Team B’s Kashiwagi Yuki

A song originally from Team B’s 3rd stage, Pajama Drive, it has long evolved from a Team B song to be a staple song of 48Group, being performed by all groups ad nauseum and even covered as A-sides Internationally. Watch a slower version of the song sang by now graduated Takeuchi Miyu, SKE48’s Oba Mina, Yamauchi Suzuran, and AKB48’s Miyazaki Miho:

Watch AKB48 Team SH’s 2019 Chinese version below:

And BNK48’s 2018 Thai version:

And just as a bonus, we see some original Team B members come back to celebrate Watanabe Mayu’s graduation in 2017.

2. Team B Oshi (チームB推し) (2010)

My personal favorite Team B Song, from Team B’s 5th Stage Theater no Megami,  Team B Oshi embodies the AKB48 spirit, in that you find a girl you “oshi” and follow her story. Each girl of Team B gets a line she can craft herself, and it’s always worth watching every version of this song possible. Watch a 2019 live version below:

The song has been adapted many times. Watch SKE Oshi performed in 2012:

And NGT Oshi as well!

3. B Garden (Bガーデン) (2014)

Click here to watch the full music video!

A spriritual successer to Team B Oshi, B Garden, centered by Mayu, is too catchy. B Garden is a B-side of AKB48’s 36th single. Music Video details, the girl that is late to the party is Ikoma Rina, a Kennin member of Team B and Nogizaka46. Watch a live performance below!

Once Watanabe Mayu graduated in 2017, it was hard to see AKB48 perform B Garden again. Maybe we’ll see it again one day.

4. Yobisute Fantasy (呼び捨てファンタジー) (2011)

Originally Centered by the iconic Mayu Watanabe and Yuki Kashiwagi duo, Yobisute Fantasy was released as a B-side to AKB48’s 24th single. Just like Shonichi, Yobisute fantasy has since transcended Team B to become a staple song of 48 Group. Watch Team B perform Yobisute Fantasy below!

And lets watch all of 48 Group perform the song.

It’s hard not to associate a Team B song with Kashiwagi Yuki. She’s served in Team B for her entire 15 year run with AKB48. Here’s her performing Yobisute Fantasy solo at one her her concerts:

If you are liking the vibe that Team B is bringing, please check out this Youtube Playlist of their music on our Youtube channel below and share your favorite Team B songs in the comments!

3 thoughts on “4 Unforgettable Team B Songs

    1. Tiny T-Shirt is such a classic!! A great one at that!

      Choosing only four was almost impossible! We’ll do more posts like these. The AKB48 group music collection is too vast for just a couple of pages of articles.


      1. True that lol but I will always *always* go to bat for Tiny T-Shirt

        Shit, now that I think about it that phase of Team B was extra-stronk


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