8 Matsui Jurina Centers that People Normally Forget (But Shouldn’t)

If you know the name AKB48, then you know the name of Matsui Jurina. Spending over ten years – half her life – onstage has molded Jurina into a Center powerhouse for 48 Group. She has centered over 70 songs across the AKB48/SKE48 discography.

Did you hear that?


Below are a few in no particular order that may pique your interest.

Left: Jurina performing SKE48’s 2019 A-side “Frustration”
Middle: Jurina’s Official SKE48 2020 Profile Picture
Right: Jurina after winning AKB48’s 10th Senbatsu Election in 2018

Ai No Moake (愛の喪明け) By SKE48 Senbatsu (2018)

A B-side of AKB48’s 51st single! Jurina is closely shadowed by Suda Akari in this glitter filled music video.

2. Dirty by Team S (2015)

A B-side from SKE48’s 17th single! During her time with a Kennin membership in AKB48, Jurina was a lead face (Along with NMB48’s Yamamoto Sayaka) of Team K.

3. Bukiyou Taiyou (不器用太陽) by Team S (2014)

SKE48’s 15th Single! Whilst I cannot say this song has been completely forgotten, it’s rare to see any sort of Ballad performed as much as they should. Watch SKE48 perform this live below:

Pictured in Thumbnail: Matsui Rena (Graduated) and Kitagawa Ryoha (Graduated)

Check out SKE48’s Furuhata Nao and soon-to-be-graduate Takayanagi Akane perform an unplugged version of the song: (Video removed. Click here to watch)

And a bonus for my Produce48 fans. Here’s Honda Hitomi performing the song (along with Oguri Yui):

4. GIVE UP wa Shinai (ギブアップはしない) by Tofu Pro Wrestling (2017)

Pictured in thumbnail: HKT48’s Miyawaki Sakura, AKB48’s Yokoyama Yui, NMB48’s Shiroma Miru, and SKE48’s Matsui Jurina

A B-side to AKB48’s 49th single, this is a song that serves as a promotional tie in to AKB48’s wrestling drama, Tofu Pro Wrestling.

5. Natsu yo, Isoge! (夏よ、急げ!) By SKE48 senbatsu (2017)

Serving as the promotional song for SKE48’s 2nd Album, “Natsu yo, Isoge” is SKE48 at it’s best. Watch a live version below:

Pictured in thumnail: Matsumura Kaori (Graduated) and Ego Yuna

6. Yoake No Coyote (夜明けのコヨーテ) by Sagami Chain Senbatsu (2018)

A B-side to SKE48’s 22nd single. Once again, Jurina is closely flanked by SKE48’s other star: Suda Akari.

7. Kataomoi Finally (片想いFinally) by SKE48 Senbatsu (2012)

SKE48’s 8th single, Katamoi Finally, is not necessarily forgotten, but may not be known to international fans of AKB48. If you follow the link above, you will be gifted the most LGBTQ friendly music video in the 48 group library. You’re welcome. Matsuri Jurina is paired with her counterpart, Matsui Rena to serve as one of the most epic double centers in 48 group history. Watch a live version below:

8. Who are You by Matsui Jurina (2020)

Serving as a B-side to SKE48’s 26th single, Jurina released another long awaited solo song. Watch the live version below!

Jurina’s graduation announcement did not necessarily come as a shock to many. It is important that she prioritizes herself and her health over the group. Here’s to hoping this last year will be filled with Jurina content! Share your favorite Jurina centers and we’ll add them to the list!

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