HKT48; 8 Members Who Could Become Your New Oshi

Music video for HKT48’s 2020 single, 3-2

HKT48 is a 48 Group that suffers from far too few single releases. After constantly releasing only 2 singles a year for five years, HKT48 seems to have made themselves comfortable by only releasing Hayaokuri Calendar in 2018 and Ishi around the same time in 2019. With a change in sound, HKT48 is finally back with Unjo Hirona centered 3-2. Interestingly enough, a familiar IZONE-like flower concept of dance can be seen in bits and pieces, building up to a rather breathtaking ending pose. Although I truly miss their upbeated-ness, its interesting to wonder whether or not they are gearing up for Sakura and Nako’s return by adopting a concept closer to IZONE’s.

Click here to purchase their new single!

Below are eight members you may or may not know in HKT48. Who knows? They may become your oshi.

Tashima Meru (田島芽瑠) “Meru” (2nd Generation, Team H)

Tashima Meru has the distinction of being able to call herself the original HKT48 center. Centering the 1st, and double Centering HKT48’s next two singles with her partner-in-crime, Tomonaga Mio (Graduated), Meru has enjoyed some moderate but consistent success in 48 Group, ranking in every General Election she’s ever entered. Her most recent, and highest, rank was #26 in AKB48’s 10th General Election. She was chosen for senbatsu for HKT48’s newest single, 3-2, as well as participating in two of its B-sides. Below, watch her center HKT48’s 2nd Single, Melon Juice:

In Thumbnail: Tashima Meru and Kodama Haruka (Grad)

Romantic Byou, an HKT48 song centered by Tanaka Miku and heavily involving Meru just won #1 during AKB48’s 2020 request hour, the performance to be linked later in this article. One of our favorite AKB48 tracks was actually double centered by Meru, as well! Below, watch the music video for Sakura, Minna de Tabeta, HKT48’s 3rd single.

In Thumbnail, from left to right: Kodama Haruka (Grad), Tashima Meru, Miyawaki Sakura, Tomonaga Mio (Grad)

Below, watch a compilation from her TikTok:

In Thumbnail: Sashihara Rino (Grad)

2. Fuchigami Mai (渕上舞) “Maichan” (2nd Generation, Team KIV)

After being in the group for eight years, Mai has still yet to center an HKT48 song. She is a renowned theater girl, devoting most of her time in HKT48 to learning different dance positions for potential theater stages she could perform. She has also achieved some moderate success, her ranking keeps rising and falling but consistently hovering around 34th-40th place. Mai also participates in two B-sides on their just released single, 3-2. Check her out performing alongside the famed NakoMiku duo by clicking here and watch her commercial for Alface+ below!

And her dance cover as well!

3. Murashige Anna (村重杏奈) “Aanya” (1st Generation, Team KIV)

Anna is very well known by HKT48 fans as the practical joker, or comedian, of the group. Being close to several members, she is also known by 48 Group muggles as Miyawaki Sakura’s best friend. Watch them both perform the legendary AKB48 ballad, Omoide no Hotondo:

Most recently, in HKT48’s Senbatsu Concert in Early 2020, their newest Senbatsu (top girls in group, usually from rank 1-16) was announced. Very surprisingly, Murashige was announced at rank #1! Watch them perform HKT48’s 6th single, Shekarashika! under the Murashige Anna-infused name, Shigerashika! by clicking here.

Unfortunately for Murashige Anna, later in the same concert it was anounced that her reign was over, and she was bumped back to 16th place, with Tanaka Miku reclaiming her first place spot.

Anna shares an active youtube channel with Graduated AKB48 member, Nishino Miki. Check up on them below:

4. Ueno Haruka (上野遥) “Harutan” (2nd Generation, Team H)

Haruka is HKT48’s resident Theater Goddess (as a counterpart to AKB48’s overall theater goddess, Murayama Yuiri). Speaking very emotionally and highly of the theater, Haruka is currently chasing a dream of having the most theater performances, being awarded after passing her 500th one. Watch her and Shimono Yuki perform Gesuna Yume by NGT48.

Haruka has participated in multiple HKT48 b-sides, and centered one of them: Chain of Love. Watch a very recent HKT48 performance of this song live below!

She participated in three of the b-sides on their most recent single, 3-2. She is also used as sort of a dance poster child for the group, uploading several videos called “Harutan Teacher!” Which consist of her dancing alone to their title songs. Watch her perform HKT48’s 5th single, 12Byou, on the beach below.

5. Unjo Hirona (運上弘菜) “Nappi (4th Generation, Team KIV)

Unjo Hirona has never centered an HKT48 song until now, when she was surprisingly announced as the new center for their current single, 3-2. Many people were confused and excited, as HKT48 had previously been a very upbeat group. In comparison, Hirona was always very reserved onstage. Hirona’s face is very fresh for HKT48 and you can watch their music video under the header of this article.

File:Fairy w!nk.jpg
Unjo Hirona and Aramaki Misaki (Grad) holding their trophy after winning Janken Tournament.

Hirona is also one half of the short lived duo, Fairy w!nk. After winning AKB48 Group Unit Janken Tournament 2017 as a kenkyuusei they were granted a single release! Watch below:

And watch her perform Toshishita no Otokonoko by Candies, the performance centered by HKT48’s Kurihara Sae.

6. Matsuoka Hana (松岡はな) “Hanachan” (BAITO AKB, Team TII)

Matsuoka Hana is one of our favorite HKT48 members. She cries a lot, and that’s ok. Most recently ranking in 66th place in AKB48’s 10th General Election, Hana has already centered two HKT48 A-sides and four b-sides, and participated in several AKB48 singles as well. Watch the music video for HKT48’s 10th single, Kiss wa Matsushikanai no Deshouka?!

Her solo song, Onna no Ko da mon, Hashiranakya! has ranked in three Request Hours! Watch her perform it below:

She was most recently chosen for senbatsu for HKT48’s current single, 3-2. She also takes part in two b-sides for the single. Romantic Byou, an HKT48 song centered by Tanaka Miku and heavily involving Hana just won #1 during AKB48’s 2020 request hour, the performance to be linked later in this article. Hana has recently drastically risen in the HKT48 ranks to become a front girl, second only to Tanaka Miku. Watch them lead the group in Saikou ka yo alongside graduated front girl, Sashihara Rino.

7. Murakawa Bibian (村川緋杏) “Bibian” (Draft 2nd Generation, Team TII)

In her five years of joining HKT48, Bibian has centered one b-side for the group. She gained a small amount of attention for her brief stint on Produce48, and her unique styling during the show. She has been consistently turning into DJ Bibian for many of TII’s special stages, which are all very fun to watch. See her center the song, HKT-jou, Ima, Ugoku below.

Whether Produce48 has helped her or hindered her, we all must agree that Bibian fans were happy to get more bibian focused content. She did not seem to perform very well on the show, but was always shown to work diligently to improve. Unfortunately, she became a bit of a meme. But showing how fun her performances have been the past year, it seems as though she’s embraced it. Watch her perform Mamma Mia by Kara below. She does quite well.


8. Tanaka Miku (田中美久) (3rd Generation, Team H)

Miku, via the AKB48 10th Senbatsu Election, is the highest ranking HKT48 member who is still in the group and not on hiatus. For the first time, in 2018, she entered AKB48’s Senbatsu at rank #10, one rank behind her longtime counterpart, Nako.

She has centered three songs across the HKT48 discography, most notably HKT48’s 11th single, Hayaokuri Calendar, (above) which she and Nako double centered. Watch HKT48 perform the song in 2019 at AKB48’s Request Hour with Watanabe Akari taking the place of Miku’s counterpart.

In Thumnail: Watanabe Akari (Team H) and Tanaka Miku (Team H) Double centering
Matsuoka Hana (Team TII) between them.

CLICK HERE to see Miku, Hana, and Sakura perform their trio B-side to Hayaokuri Calendar, Boku no omoide itsuka niji ni naru made.

Most recently, Tanaka Miku Centered b-side Romantic Byou took first place at AKB48’s 2020 Request Hour, the year after it finished 2nd! Along with her stood Matsuoka Hana and Tashima Meru, also on this list. Watch them react to their win and perform the song that year on Request Hour by clicking here!

Pictured: Team KIV Captain Motomura Aoi, Team TII’s Matsuoka Hana, Team H’s Tanaka Miku, Team H Captain Matsuoka Natsumi

See all of HKT48’s A-Sides as a playlist on our Channel!

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