AKB48 Members Aged 25 or Older (Part 1)

Ijiri Anna (井尻晏菜) “Antan” (Age 25)

NMB48 Team M (3rd Generation)

Birthday: January 20, 1995

Captain of Team M, Anna has been a NMB48 member for 8 years and has yet to center a song. She has taken part in numerous b-sides for the group and participates heavily in variety, building herself a rather cooky image to go along with her serious leadership role. Watch her perform 10 Krone to Pan, a song originally from AKB48’s 3rd album and later adapted for NMB48 Team N’s 4th Stage:

Thumbnail: Team M Captain Ijiri Anna, Tanagawa Airi (Grad), Koga Narumi (Grad), and Ishizuka Akari (Grad)

Yamauchi Suzuran (山内 鈴蘭) “Ranran” (Age 25)

SKE48 Team S (AKB48 9th Generation)

Birthday: December 8, 1994

Suzuran has been a notable member of AKB48 for almost 11 years now, starting out in AKB48 in 2009, she was later shuffled to SKE48 in 2014. She has taken part in numerous b-sides for both groups, and even placed 5th in AKB48’s first singing competition. She is a very good golfer, taking part in multiple golf events over the years. Watch her perform Glamorous Sky below:

Tomu Muto (武藤十夢) “Tomu” (Age 25)

AKB48 Team K (12th Generation) Birthday:

November 25, 1994

Tomu has enjoyed some rather modest success in the 48Groups. Originally dubbed as the “Next Yuko” she managed to gain her first center position as a Kenkyuusei in the song Show Fight, a b-side from AKB48’s 27th single. Watch her perform the song solo below during AKB48’s Thanksgiving Special in 2018

During the AKB48 10th Senbatsu Election, Tomu slid into rank 7, cementing her as a new Kami7, or “God” member of AKB48.

Tomu is also known as being the most educated member in all of 48Group, passing her Weather Forecast Test (known to have a very low pass rate) and most recently completing her master’s degree! She is currently a weather forecaster on Ameba Morning news, watch her below!

Watch her perform “HandClap” while competing on Produce48:

Iwatate Saho (岩立沙穂) “Sahhoo” (Age 25)

AKB48 Team B (13th Generation)

Birthday: October 4, 1994

Current Captain of Team B after the graduation of Takahashi Juri, Saho gained her highest rank yet as rank 22 in the most recent AKB48 Senbatsu Election. As of yet, she has neither had a center position with the group nor participated in any A-sides, however she is still very well known. Watch her doing some wrestling below:

Saho gained quite a bit of notoriety from her appearance on Produce48, where she placed 40th, below, she performed in the Center Position for AKB48’s song, High Tension:

Sakaguchi Riko (坂口理子) “Rikopi” (Age 25)

HKT48 Team H (2nd Generation)

Birthday: July 26 1994

Ranking in on five of the six elections she has entered, Riko has also centered two songs across the AKB48/HKT48 discography. She is the eldest member of HKT48 and the only current member to be 25 or older. Watch her center Aitakute iya ni Naru, a b-side from HKT48’s 11th single in 2018:

And watch the song be performed live at AKB48’s Request Hour the following year:

Below is her other center song for Future Girls, called Jibuntachi no Koi ni Kagitte:

Saito Makiko (斉藤真木子) “Makki” (Age 25)

SKE48 Team E (2nd Generation)

Birthday: June 28, 1994

Having served on all SKE48 teams, Makiko is the General Manager of the group. Enjoying a brief stint at 42nd place in 2013, Makiko’s ranking has continuously dropped, most recently ranking in at #108 in AKB48’s 10th Senbatsu Election. Watch her center SKE48’s recent performance of Koi no Onawa, by Team Z, also covered in our article, 8 Music Videos and Songs featuring Traditional Japanese Dress.

SKE48 Team E. SKE48 General Manager Saito Makiko Center

Interestingly enough, the only song Makiko has centered has not been on the SKE48 disography, but a b-side on AKB48’s 41st single in 2015. The song, Kimi Dake ga Akimeiteita, is by Upcoming Girls, or the girls ranking in from ranks 65 to 80 in the Senbatsu Election. Watch the music video below:

Souda Sarina (惣田紗莉渚) “Sarii” (Age 27)

SKE48 Team KII (1st Generation Draft)

Birthday: January 18, 1993

A very popular member within 48 Group, Sarina’s rank has climbed and climbed during her 7 year run with the group. She has centered one track in the SKE48/AKB48 discography, and constantly shines onstage from every part of the stage. Click Here to watch her perform Keyakizaka48’s 6th single, Glass wo Ware! solo at AKB48’s Rank-in concert in 2018.

Below is the music video for Ano Saki no Mirai Made, a b-side on SKE48 subunit Love Crescendo’s 1st single.

Miyazaki Miho (宮崎 美穂) “Myao” (Age 26)

AKB48 Team A (5th Generation)

Birthday: July 30, 1993

The famed Miyazaki Miho has been in AKB48 for 13 years. In her early years, she was a top member, being the first of her generation to be promoted in the group. She was featured in many A-sides and TV shows along with the very popular Golden Generation members of the past. Since then, her popularity has died down quite a bit, but she is very much still known as the MC Genius of the group, being very comfortable with talking onstage and steering a conversation with humor and wit.

Watch her center Perfect Human live below!

And watch her sing Team B’s Shonichi with piano accompaniment:

Miho is also known to have done quite well on the show Produce48, narrowly missing the cutoff to the rigged group by placing 15th in the final episode. Because of her excitement for the Korean culture and languages, Miho was one of the 48Group members that was very popular on the show, gaining a lot of support from Korean fans. Watch her perform Kara’s Mamma Mia below!

The moment that shocked many fans, Japanese and Korean alike, was her stellar performance of BTS’s The Truth Untold. Watch below:

Which of the older members are your favorites? Comment your answers below! Stay Tuned to see more of our older members! May they stay in the group forever!

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