8 International Sister Group Songs You Should Know

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Rapsodi by JKT48 (2020)

Coming as a shock to all 48 Group fans, the almost decade old JKT48 released their first original single, Rapsodi. The music video was unveiled towards the end of 2019 and astounded Indonesian audiences as it showed a stark contrast to their previous work. Watch as center Shani captivates with the softness of this R&B- inspired track!

365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel (Acapella Version) by MNL48 (2019)

MNL48 has set themselves apart from the other 48Groups with their profound musicality. Touting several gifted singers among them, the girls attacked AKB48’s beloved 365nichi with all the acapella vocal tenacity they could muster at the AKB48 Group Asia Festival in Shanghai. A moment to note is original MNL48 center Sheki’s fantastic whistle at the 5:30 mark in the fancam above.

The group also released the song as their third single earlier that same year, video posted above.

Sweet Talking Sugar by Baby Blue (2020)

The newest song on our list, Sweet Talking Sugar, is another original international group song that shows very strong R&B influences throughout its production. Coleen, Amanda, and Cristine, the three members of MNL48 subunit Baby Blue, formed the team through the fine AKB48 tradition of a Janken Tournament.

BNK Festival by BNK48 (2018)

BNK Festival is a revival of one of 48 Group West’s favorite Team Surprise songs. The original energy of the song has not been lost in translation to Thai. The lyrics flow well and the accompanying music video, centered by Team BIII Captain Pun, is the type of thing we’d love to see the Japanese 48 groups tackle. Watch the girls perform the song below!

Amazing Grace by MNL48 Gospel Unit (2018)

Before MNL48 graced us with 365nichi, they literally graced us with Amazing Grace. Centered again by Sheki, the six girls effortlessly show us exactly why they deserve to stand before us onstage. Click the link provided above to view the music video on Youtube, then watch them perform to an awestruck audience below.

Mae Shika Mukanee (勇往直前) By AKB48 Team TP (2018)

In what is arguably the best international sister group debut, AKB48 Team TP brings us their version of Mae Shika Mukanee. Multiple things about this single stands out, from the brilliant orange seifuku to the meaningful music video that shows the beauty of Taiwan. Centered by current Team Bellflower Liu Yu-ching, watch the girls perform the Oshima Yuko centered classic below.

Halloween Night (Dangdut Version) by JKT48 Dangdut (2015)

One thing we love here at 48 Group West is when international groups modify AKB48 music for their culture. JKT48 may be known to do it best. Having a subunit whose sole purpose is to sing Indonesian Dangdut versions of 48Group songs, JKT48 really outdid themselves with Halloween Night. Watch them perform it live below!

Dode Di Dong (โดดดิด่ง) by BNK48 (2020)

One of our favorite original international 48 Group songs, Dode Di Dong served as a drama OST. Centered by Namneung, the song was later released as a b-side to BNK48’s 8th single. Although a b-side, the song did extremely well with it’s constant television promotion. Watch the girls perform the song below!


It’s Life by Cherprang (2020)

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