All AKB48 Request Hour Winners

Request Hour is an AKB48 event that is highly awaited every year. After purchasing an AKB48 album with a ticket inside, a 48group fan is able to cast a vote for their favorite song in the vast AKB48 Group discography. Fans may not necessarily vote for their favorite song, they may vote for a songContinue reading “All AKB48 Request Hour Winners”

8 Matsui Jurina Centers that People Normally Forget (But Shouldn’t)

If you know the name AKB48, then you know the name of Matsui Jurina. Spending over ten years – half her life – onstage has molded Jurina into a Center powerhouse for 48 Group. She has centered over 70 songs across the AKB48/SKE48 discography. Did you hear that? SEVENTY. Below are a few in noContinue reading “8 Matsui Jurina Centers that People Normally Forget (But Shouldn’t)”

48Group Songs From 2019 You Should Know

Watashi Datte Idol (私だってアイドル!) by Sashihara Rino Legendary Sashihara Rino’s graduation single, Watashi Datte Idol served as a B-side to AKB48’s 55th Single, Jiwaru Days (which was a Sashihara Rino graduation A-side as well). The song is a smack in the face to all the people who thought that Rino was a bad idol overContinue reading “48Group Songs From 2019 You Should Know”