8 48Group Members Who Performed “Warukii”.

Warukii is a legendary Solo AKB48Group song released as a B-side to NMB48’s 4th single, Nagiichi in 2012. It is centered by now graduated frontgirl Watanabe Miyuki (Also known as Milky to her fans). Placing 8 times in different Request Hours, Warukii is a fan favorite. See Watanabe Miyuki perform Warukii below!

Warurin by Kashiwagi Yuki

Warurin being a play on her nickname, Yukirin, AKB48 Team B’s Yuki is the perfect idol on stage here. Every step is calculated and no hair is out of place.

Warurun – By Shiroma Miru

Using another play on names, this time Miru’s stage name Mirurun, NMB48’s Team M’s Shiroma Miru takes the stage!

Warukii – by Yamamoto Sayaka

48 Group fans normally know NMB48’s eternal (and graduated) leader Sayaka to be talented and spunky, especially shining in rock-centered and heavy dance-focued material. Although we see her perform cute songs all the time, fans were still surprised and pleased to see her perform this song.

Myujikkii – by Music

The only music video to exist for this song in ANY language, BNK48’s Music stepped up to the plate to bring this song alive for her group. Watch a fancam of her performance below:

Miyawakii – by Miyawaki Sakura

Sakura takes this song to a whole new level of cuteness as soon as she put on the outfit. Below is a Wota fancam to enjoy the amount of Aegyo/Kawaii that we are seeing.

Warunyan – by Kojima Haruna

My personal favorite of the Warukii series, Warunyan tells the scandalous story of NyanNyan and her two feline friends. Now Graduated 1st Generation member Kojima Haruna ditches the choreo and uses the illusion of nudity to grab Mr. Hello Kitty’s (and our) attention.

Warukii by Suda Akari

SKE48’s frontgirl Suda Akari dialed up the anti on Warukii. If we thought Miyawaki Sakura was as cute as the song could get, Suda Akari might be how sexy this song can get. Enjoy!

Although only a few girls are listed here, there have been countless performances of this song over the last few years. Don’t hesitate to share your favorites!

3 thoughts on “8 48Group Members Who Performed “Warukii”.

  1. Many others perform this song too:
    Yoshida Akari
    Kimoto Kanon
    Nakai Rika
    Kawakami Rena
    Yahagi Moeka
    Yabuki Nako (and several HKT members)
    All Team BII (in Milky’s era)


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